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I’m Benjamin Boutin. Owner of Canal Dutch, specialist in communication in French. After 15 years of working in the journalism field in Paris, I’ve moved to The Netherlands and created Canal Dutch : a blog in French about the dutch News. After a specialisation in marketing/communication, I’ve decided to transform Canal Dutch in a content marketing platform in French and in Dutch -with dutch  copywriters-.


Why it is important to get a good communication in French or Dutch ?

Reading websites badly translated in my mother language makes me crazy. Crazy because sometimes the sentences have no simply meaning. Or they are sometimes too hard to understand. I could be the result of the abusing use of Google Translation. What a waste of time and even worse : what a waste of trust and confidence for the consumers. A perfect content in any languages is the basis of the trust in communication. Be aware that Google Translation won’t give you any good result. This is conterproductive.

A perfect french or dutch content is the best way to get the attention

If you are a bit interested in the content marketing, you may know that Content is King. Create good articles with strong infos and a good grammar make you much more trustful. This is what you are or you want to be in the eyes of your future readers : serious, trustful and smart. So never overlook the copywriting. You want to know more about what we can bring to your project ? Get contact with us !