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A deep look into your French Content / Dutch content




In order to make a good and efficient website, Canal Dutch will have a look in your content. Well written ? Have you chosen the right keywords, the good sentence to catch the attention of your readers or future client? We’ll provide you the best words at the best place.

Writing Contents



Canal Dutch will write the texts you want to propose to your french/dutch clients. We know how to write in french but moreover we know how to write for Google too! So it’s a double gain for your content.

A good SEO/SEA abroad! 



As you know, Canal Dutch is a content marketing and a copywriter specialist. Our goal : bring your pages in the first one of Google. Or we can simply write your Adwords or your meta descriptions to create stronger and punchy texts…

Send a PR


Catching the journalists, the influencers in France, Belgium or in The Netherlands. This looks sometimes quite hard from abroad. But with Canal Dutch, you’ll make it. We can translate, rewrite and send to your contacts our messages. Or we can send it to a list of contacts – journalists, influencers- that we have… This is the best way to reach a larger audience, to get more backlinks and then trust and confidence in our company.